About school

Title Kaunas Juozas Urbšys progymnasium

Address, telephon Partizanų g. 68, Kaunas, LT-49367

Telephone/ Fax: (8 37) 311088

Email adress: urbsiovm@urbsys.kaunas.lm.lt

Leagal status Public Institution
Legal entity code 190137074
Institutional language Lithuanian language
Director Rima Špakauskaitė-Kučinskienė
Institution mission To Provide prie-school, primary and basic education of high quality relying on Community pedagogic values, to develop witty and broad minded, creatively thinking person, mastering several foreign languages.
School performance is based on these values  
  • Respect as the foundation for new solutions search and aspiration for perfection.
  • Teachers‘ competences implemented as cognition, discoveries and practice.
  • Community reflected in agreements, cooperation and acceptance of cultural diversities.
School philosophy Creativity, integrity, equity, legality, tolerance: school performance updated on constant learning and teaching processes improvement.
Priority performance focus
  1. Multi lingual development is the school specification
  2. Self-development culture formation,
  3. Safe environment assurance.
  4. Community identity strengthening.
Objectives of school performance
  1. To implement consistent multi-lingual model.
  2. To improve school academic ratings
  3. To create safe school environment, with a community proud of their school.
  4. To mobilise pupils, parents and teachers for innovative school creation.